Lovie defends Cover 2

LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- People love to rip the Cover 2.

But circumstances forced the Chicago Bears to stray from their signature defense in the 36-7 loss to the New England Patriots, according to Bears coach Lovie Smith.

"That was a rare happening [Sunday]," Smith said. "There’s nothing wrong with our scheme. We played a little Cover 2 [Sunday]. Normally, that’s an easy person -- you know that Cover 2 person to jump on -- but [Sunday] we weren’t in an awful lot to be truthful. So we’re not going to use that. The scheme is good, we didn’t execute. The scheme has helped us get to 9-3, but [Sunday], again, we didn’t execute."

The Patriots' offense was on the field for 78 plays, and because of the lopsided score, the Bears were forced to play man coverage the majority of those snaps. It should be noted the Bears' defense was ranked No. 3 overall before facing the Patriots, a clear indication that when run properly with correct personnel, the Cover 2 can still be an effective scheme.

But when the MVP of the league is given ample time to sit in the pocket and survey the field, few, if any, teams will be able to slow down New England.