Patriots' rout of Bears by the numbers

Bears weather? Hardly.

In fact, the last three times the New England Patriots have played in the snow, they have dominated. Their 36-7 win over the Chicago Bears in Soldier Field on Sunday was just the latest example.

Brady Vs. Four Rushers

Tom Brady did not shy away from the challenge of throwing into a crowded Chicago secondary on Sunday. Entering Week 14, the Bears led the NFL in lowest passer rating allowed when bringing four or fewer on pass rushes this season. Against the Patriots, the Bears allowed their worst such passer rating in their last 18 games.

Brady Vs. Cutler

Tom Brady and Jay Cutler entered Week 14 ranked one and two in passer rating on passes 10 yards or shorter this season (min. 80 attempts). The two quarterbacks combined to throw 10 yards or shorter 76.9 percent of their attempts on Sunday, with drastically different results.