Toub: Venue matters for special teams

LAKE FOREST, Ill -- Chicago Bears special teams coach Dave Toub wants answers regarding the location of Monday night's showdown against the Minnesota Vikings so he can make the appropriate adjustments.

With the site for the game still in the air after the roof of Minnesota's Metrodome collapsed under heavy snow, and lingering uncertainty about whether workers can remove snow from the University of Minnesota's TCF Bank Stadium -- Plan B for Monday's game -- in time, Toub said the team might have to change things on special teams, depending on the venue.

"On the kick return game, we have to decide and figure out where we're going to make our double teams if [the game is] outside," Toub said. "The kicks are shorter; everything moves up. We have a different plan for outdoors than we would for indoors. Wherever they want to kick it, it'll be there if it's indoors. If it's not, we have to plan for the other. For us on special teams, it is a big difference. So the sooner we find out, the better."

In addition to finding out the location of Monday night's game, Toub would like to see kick-return man Devin Hester finally break the record for kick return touchdowns. Hester is currently tied with Brian Mitchell for kick return TDs with nine on kickoffs and 4 on punts.

"He's close," Toub said. "Whether a punt return or kick return, it seems like every week he's one or two guys away. The last four weeks we've had big returns by him. It's just a matter of time; I really believe that. We just have to be patient. The media has to be patient. The players have to be patient, and Devin has to be patient."