Bears got kick out of Butler in '85

'85 Turns 25 (0:54)

Mike Ditka discusses what made Kevin Butler different then your average kicker. (0:54)

There are still moments, Kevin Butler admits, when he thinks he could be out there again.

"I can honestly tell you, if I had a personal trainer for a year, I could do it," said the highest scoring rookie in NFL history. "But the key to that, during the year, somebody has to pay my bills. That's the harder part."

The fearless rookie kicker has a generous smattering of gray now, and he doesn't get called "Butt-Head" much anymore unless he's at a Bears reunion. Although the confidence that endeared the Georgia kid to his teammates on the '85 Super Bowl champs is still there, it has by the laws of genetics and the force of nature, now been passed down to his children.

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