Goodell weighs in on Favre

MINNEAPOLIS -- NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell stood behind the Minnesota Vikings' decision to start quarterback Brett Favre only two days after ruling the veteran out to face the Chicago Bears on Monday night.

"I haven't got much of an update on that, other than to say that these are medical decisions," Goodell said. "The status of an individual is based on medical reports. As I understand, he wasn't capable of playing two days ago, and he's made tremendous progress."

Goodell is busy dealing with another Favre topic -- his alleged inappropriate behavior toward a former New York Jets employee in 2008 when Favre was playing for New York.

"As soon as I reach a conclusion, I'll be announcing that," Goodell said. "I'm not going to put a timetable on that. I'm still following up on some of the information and making sure we're being thorough"