Lance Briggs: Nice for Bears to celebrate

MINNEAPOLIS -- This division title felt long overdue to Lance Briggs.

"I thought two years ago we should have been in the playoffs," Briggs said. "We were right there in Houston [to face the Texans in Week 17] and we didn't get in. The other years, just watching other teams go in [the postseason], watching the Vikings clinch and celebrate on the field, or watching the Packers celebrate.

"It's nice for the Chicago Bears to celebrate for a change."

The Bears currently hold the No. 2 seed in the NFC because they own the tiebreaker over Philadelphia. The Eagles, however, finish out their season with a pair of winnable games at home versus Minnesota and Dallas, while the Bears still have to face talented opponents New York and Green Bay.

In the past, the Bears were able to rest their starters after clinching the NFC North crown, but this year, that doesn't seem feasible.

"It's a big step, we secured a spot in the second season, but we have a lot of work to do," Briggs said. "I think in training camp, that's when every team in the NFL believes this is going to be our year, or at least you'd like to think that. After we strung some wins together during the year, the confidence began to grow and the belief became stronger.

"I'm happy right now. I've felt this feeling before, and it's great. But there is still work left to be done."