Smith surprised by Sunday's shootout

CHICAGO -- While pleased with the final results, Bears coach Lovie Smith expressed surprise about the teams combining for 72 points.

The defenses of the Bears (3rd) and Jets (5th) entered Sunday’s ranked in the top five in points allowed.

“Going into the game, I don’t think anyone would have predicted a game like that with two outstanding defenses,” Smith said. “You never know. Each game takes on its own personality. You just have to be ready to go. It’s what we’ve talked about. We talk about our offense coring more points than their offense of course, [and] our defense doing more than their defense. We just want to have one more point than them at the end.”

In addition to the 72 combined points, the teams posted 715 yards with the Bears averaging 6 yards per play on offense, and the Jets averaging 5.8.

Bears linebacker Lance Briggs pointed to a defensive stand in the fourth quarter that ended at the Chicago 16 as the difference maker. The Jets were forced to settle for a Nick Folk 34-yard field goal with 14:57 left in the game instead of a touchdown at the end of a 12-play drive spanning 51 yards.

“I think there were a lot of turning points in this game,” Briggs said. “One turning point was when we forced them to kick that field goal. When you think of a game like this between the Jets and the Bears, and then you look up and it’s 31-31… [It’s like], ‘Goodness.’”