Ditka: Bears are getting confident

Mike Ditka can see the Chicago Bears' confidence growing and believes his former team will be tough to beat in the playoffs if they can secure home-field advantage.

The Bears' offense had no trouble against the Jets, NFL's fifth-ranked defense, in a 38-34 victory on Sunday at Soldier Field. With a victory over the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, the Bears can wrap up the No. 2 seed in the NFC playoffs which would mean a first-round bye followed by a home playoff game.

"You know what that old coach said: When you win you get confident, and right now I think they are getting confident," Ditka said Monday on "Mike & Mike In The Morning" on ESPN Radio. "They're winging it pretty good. [Jay] Cutler is not turning it over as much. I think people are finding out they are a little bit better at the receiver position than they thought they were. I think everybody thought they were kind of pedestrian guys, but they've got great speed, and they can find the holes pretty well.

"The team is a good football team. How good? I don't know how far they can go. They are going to be pretty formidable with home-field advantage."

The key, according to Ditka, is Cutler's ability to avoid mistakes.

"The kid's got a rifle, whether you like him or not," Ditka said of Cutler. "The only question I've ever had about Jay Cutler honestly is sometimes his body language. You're the leader of the football team at that position. You have to assume that leadership role in good days and bad times. ... But this guy has all the talent in the world, and I think everybody knew that. It's a matter of just containing yourself. Don't turn the football over, and if they don't do this it's going to be a hard football team to beat."

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