Will Peppers help Packers' rookie?

DALLAS -- Could Julius Peppers help the Green Bay Packers win Super Bowl XLV?

The spotlight will be on Packers rookie offensive tackle Bryan Bulaga to keep quarterback Aaron Rodgers upright when Green Bay squares off against an aggressive Pittsburgh defense on Sunday at Cowboys Stadium. The hope, from the Packers' standpoint, is the experience Bulaga gained facing Peppers during the regular season will help the first-round pick (No. 23) handle the Steelers' pressure.

“[Facing guys like Peppers] helps tremendously," Bulaga said Thursday. "You have to look at the pass rushers that we’ve gone against in the NFC in general, just not the NFC North. Every team in the NFC North has an elite pass rusher: Peppers, [Jared] Allen [of the Vikings], [Kyle] Vanden Bosch [of the Lions]. Pretty much every team we’ve gone against has a Pro Bowler at the rushing position. Steelers rushers are a little bit different, every guy is a little bit different just because of how they approach rushing.”

“This is a very good front seven. They know how to put pressure on the quarterback.They’ve been doing it all year. Both outside linebackers have had about 13 sacks this year. Their front and middle guys push that pocket back, it gets those ends to get sacks and get pressure. They’re able to disguise their blitz packages well, which confuses offenses. So we need to be able to identify the fronts and keep fundamentals."