Bears shouldn't trade down from No. 29

CHICAGO -- Given that there's less buzz surrounding the Bears in the NFL draft this weekend than their quarterback's recent engagement, general manager Jerry Angelo may be feeling a little less heat than usual.

Maybe he thinks we have forgotten what it's like for the Bears to have a draft pick higher than 70th overall. Or that we didn't know No. 29 is even in the first round. Or that the Bears can quietly trade down, pick a bunch of little-known guys in lower rounds for less money and with little pressure that they will pan out as bona fide contributors. You know, business as usual.

But here's a thought. How about the Bears actually using their first-round pick? Particularly if the gaggle of projected first-round quarterbacks slide down, prompting other teams to move ahead of them, why not take a chance that a need position will be there or, if not, go for the ever-popular best player available?

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