Local products on their way to NFL camps

A number of undrafted rookie free agents from in-state colleges and Notre Dame were picked up by NFL teams on Tuesday.

Here's the current list:

  • Notre Dame running back Armando Allen -- Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  • Illinois cornerback Travon Bellamy -- St. Louis Rams

  • Northwestern defensive tackle Corbin Bryant -- Chicago Bears

  • Northwestern linebacker Quentin Davie -- Detroit Lions

  • Illinois wide receiver Jarred Fayson -- New Orleans Saints

  • Southern Illinois linebacker Stephen Franklin -- Cincinnati Bengals

  • Notre Dame running back Robert Hughes -- Chicago Bears

  • Illinois offensive lineman Randall Hunt -- St. Louis Rams

  • Illinois wide receiver Eddie McGee -- Oakland Raiders

  • Illinois defensive end Clay Nurse -- New England Patriots

  • Illinois State offensive tackle Chris Riley -- Cincinnati Bengals

  • Notre Dame linebacker Brian Smith -- Cleveland Browns

  • Northern Illinois running back Chad Spann -- Indianapolis Colts

  • Notre Dame guard Chris Stewart -- New York Jets

  • Notre Dame cornerback Darrin Walls -- Atlanta Falcons