Cutler on Barber: Different back

Marion Barber powerful running style may be best suited for Chicago winters. Jim O'Connor/US Presswire

Marion Barber gained just 49 yards on 13 carries in the Chicago Bears' 41-13 loss to the New York Giants on Monday, but the power of his running style exceeded the impact of his stats.

"Different back," Bears quarterback Jay Cutler said Wednesday. "We haven't had that kind of back around here in a while.

"Downhill guy. Makes great cuts. I think he's got real good vision inside the tackle box. I think we need to incorporate him a little bit more, probably."

Cutler envisioned Barber being a valuable asset in the clutches of a Chicago winter.

"He seems like a cold-weather, downhill Chicago guy," Cutler said. "Those backs are really valuable in November and December, short-yardage goal line. He can bring a lot to the table for us."