Rodgers the force behind Packers' attack

CHICAGO -- The reason for the Green Bay Packers' success on offense is simple if you ask Brian Urlacher.

"As long as No. 12 [Aaron Rodgers] is going to be playing quarterback, it doesn't matter who they have in there," Urlacher said after the Chicago Bears' 27-17 loss on Sunday. "I think you saw that last year. [Greg] Jennings and [Donald] Driver have always been in there, but the other guys are just faces. Jermichael Finley is a big target, he's an athletic guy, but Rodgers makes them go."

Rodgers dazzled the Bears with 297 passing yards, three touchdowns and a quarterback rating of 111.4. His ability to throw the ball on the move is simply uncanny and borderline unstoppable. But it also helps to have a tight end like Finley, who presents a mismatch for almost every defense in the league.

A perfect example is the stunt Green Bay pulled on Bears safety Craig Steltz, who started Sunday in place of the injured Chris Harris and Major Wright.

Early in the second quarter, the Packers got to the line of scrimmage, then motioned Finley out wide, which forced Steltz to try and cover the tight end one-on-one in the open field. Red flags should've gone up immediately, when you consider the ultra-athletic Finley is four inches taller than Steltz. As expected, the call worked to perfection for the Packers, as Rodgers hit Finley on a 24-yard completion, then went right back to the tight end for a 7-yard touchdown one play later.

Forcing Steltz to cover Finley in that situation is a battle the Bears will lose almost every time.

"I just got to do a better job of turning into him," Steltz said. "They threw a back shoulder route to him, so I have to turn into him and do a better job of seeing the ball. They do a good job of finding mismatches on their offense. They do a lot of shifts and motions to create mismatches within their offense."

Finley had three touchdowns on the afternoon, while Jennings finished with a game-high 119 receiving yards.

"It's kind of funny to call Jermichael Finley (24) a veteran -- he is the veteran of the tight end group," Green Bay head coach Mike McCarthy said. "Jermichael has grown up a lot and he is an immense talent."

Bears fans liked Finley better when he was immature.