If Matt Forte is out, playoffs may be, too

CHICAGO -- Was it really just two weeks ago that the Chicago Bears were on their way to their fifth victory in a row and a 7-3 record with a playoff berth looking extremely promising?

If the team was floored then by the loss of quarterback Jay Cutler with a broken thumb, then they were downright sucker-punched Sunday by the sight of their star running back Matt Forte laying on the Soldier Field turf, clutching his right knee.

Forte, who walked off the field under his own power, told ESPNChicago.com it was “just a sprain,” raising hopes that it is not a season-ending injury. But when Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Derrick Johnson hit Forte squarely in the knee to stop him for no gain after a handoff from Caleb Hanie in the first quarter, thoughts of beating a struggling Chiefs team, much less making the postseason, suddenly seemed as elusive as a third-down conversion.

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