Martz rumors seem to be dying down

DENVER -- Speculation circulated recently linking offensive coordinator Mike Martz to various college job openings, and one spot -- Jacksonville -- in the NFL. In fact, some reports -- which the coach denied last week -- actually indicated Martz was interested in leaving Chicago.

Interestingly though, such rumors have subsided for the most part. Bears general manager Jerry Angelo touched on Martz’s situation prior to Sunday’s game, and mentioned that several coaches in the final year of their contract worked through the ends of the deal, only to have the agreement renewed at the conclusion of the season.

Angelo insisted that Martz’s future won’t be addressed until after the season.

“All that will be addressed at the end of the season,” Angelo said. “Our focus right now is on today’s game, and next week’s game. The business will take care of itself.”

It should, given what appears to be an overall lack of interest in Martz around the NFL and college ranks. Bears coach Lovie Smith indicated he’d be interested in bringing back Martz for the 2012 season.

The front office likely feels the same because of the need to maintain continuity for quarterback Jay Cutler. Cutler has said he’d prefer to not have to learn his third offense in four seasons with a new coordinator. So count on the front office working hard this offseason to bring back Martz.