First quarter wrap: Packers 7, Bears 0

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Apparently, keeping Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers off the field Sunday night wasn't the top priority for the Chicago Bears.

The Bears won the toss and deferred, only to watch Rodgers light up their defense for 77 yards and a touchdown on 8-of-8 passing in Green Bay's opening drive to take a 7-0 lead.

The Packers called only one run in their opening possession, choosing instead to let Rodgers do the majority of the work in an 80-yard drive. With Bears linebacker Nick Roach covering him, Packers tight end Jermichael Finley easily hauled in a 2-yard touchdown with 10:26 left in the first quarter.

The Bears responded with a promising drive. But it's clear they plan to lean on the rushing attack with Josh McCown starting at quarterback. Running back Kahlil Bell carried the ball six times before the Bears finally called a passing play.

When they did, McCown hit Roy Williams for a 17-yard gain. McCown completed 2 of 3 for 29 yards, and Bell ran for 36 yards on seven attempts during the team's opening possession. The drive ended on a missed 49-yard field goal attempt by Robbie Gould at the 4:16 mark.

Bell finished the first quarter with 59 yards on 11 carries.