Briggs sly in response to contract question

LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- Chicago Bears linebacker Lance Briggs utilized some cunning Thursday in reiterating his desire for a new contract without actually doing it.

Recently named to his seventh Pro Bowl, Briggs was asked if the team received the message of his wish for more money by way of his enhanced play in 2011.

Briggs slyly asked the reporter to repeat the question, saying “I didn’t catch the question.”

Then Briggs cracked a smile, and repeated the reporter’s question nearly verbatim.

“I believe that you said that earlier in the year [I] mentioned contract issues, and [I] decided to put that under the rug and forgot about that. It seemed to enhance my play this year. Do I hope the Bears get the message going into the offseason?

“I’m going to leave that as a ‘no comment.’ ”