Marshall coy about potential Cutler reunion

Will there be a Jay Cutler-Brandon Marshall reunion in Chicago? As the Miami Dolphins receiver said, "you can never say never in this business."

Marshall, who had his two best seasons with Cutler in Denver, joined "The Waddle & Silvy Show" on ESPN 1000 and was asked if his recent Twitter exchange with his former quarterback could lead to a reunion in Chicago with the Bears.

"Right now I've got a Dolphins jersey on and am pretty much locked up," Marshall said Wednesday. "But this is a crazy business and you never know what can happen. I've seen guys come in and talk about how they just bought a house and look forward to putting their kids in a school around the corner and the next day they're traded somewhere so you can never say never in this business."

During the Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints wildcard playoff game on Jan. 7, Cutler and Marshall joked on Twitter about playing together again. When a Cutler follower tweeted that it was time for a Cutler-Marshall reunion in Chicago, Cutler tweeted "Let's do it."

Drafted by the Broncos in 2006, the duo developed immediate chemistry in their second NFL seasons -- Cutler's first full year as a starter -- in 2007. Marshall caught 102 passes for 1,325 yards and seven touchdowns that season and followed it up with 104 catches for 1,265 yards and six touchdowns in 2008.

Cutler was traded to the Bears after that season when new coach Josh McDaniels took over. Marshall followed Cutler out the door a year later, traded to the Dolphins, who gave him a four-year, $47.5 million contract extension.

Marshall said it's "painful" thinking about what might have been if he and Cutler had stayed together.

"I'm sitting next to [Cincinnati Bengals quarterback] Andy Dalton yesterday [at a Pro Bowl practice] and I was telling him, him and A.J. [Green] remind me of the young B-Marsh and Cutler," Marshall said. "It's hard to find that and sometimes it's once in a lifetime, not finding athletes like us but .... when you take two guys and put them on the field together and they have that chemistry, that's what's almost impossible to find. I can't explain it. That's why I said it's almost painful to think about.

"We'll line up there and we'll get a coverage and he will just look at me and I'll know exactly where he wants to adjust my route. You don't find that. It got to a point where coaches, they didn't know what we were doing so we'll install a whole play and they'll give us a play on the front side and put me on the back side and they'll tell us just do what you all do and just make it work. We had a lot of freedom in our offense, and we made it work and chemistry was great. It was something special."

Dolphins receiver Brandon Marshall joined "Waddle & Silvy" to discuss playing with Jay Cutler and the potential for a reunion with his former QB in Chicago.

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