Podcast: Marshall talks Cutler chemistry

Brandon Marshall hinted back in January that he would like to play with Jay Cutler again in an interview with “The Waddle & Silvy Show” on ESPN 1000.

“I am originally from Pittsburgh, so I'm a little cold-blooded,” Marshall said. “This is a crazy business and you never know what can happen. You can never say never in this business."

He also spoke about how it was difficult for him to reminisce about the time he spent playing with Cutler.

“It's actually painful," he said. "It's hard to find that. Sometimes it's once in a lifetime ... when you take two guys and put them on a field together and they have that chemistry, that's what's like almost impossible to find. I can't explain it.

“We'll line up out there and we'll get a coverage and he'll just look at me and I'll know exactly what he wants to adjust my route on. You don't find that. The chemistry was great, it was something special."

Now, Marshall will have the chance to make a new history with Cutler on the Bears.

Brandon Marshall talks about his chemistry with Jay Cutler.

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