Cutler stands by offensive line concerns

Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler might have raised some eyebrows when he said last month that the offensive line was "definitely going to be a concern," but he found one important supporter in veteran center Roberto Garza.

"I talked to Garza about it and asked if anyone was offended. He said no. He agreed with me," Cutler said Friday on "The Waddle & Silvy Show" on ESPN 1000. "(I) didn't throw anyone under the bus, didn't name anybody specifically and say that they are a weak link. I just said until we get that front five we'll see what happens. And I want those guys to push each other. I want them to compete and try to get in that starting lineup. Once we get those front five down and get a few weeks under their belt we're going to be fine."

Cutler has been sacked 110 times in 41 regular-season games with the Bears. His 52 sacks in 2010 were a league high, and he was sacked 23 times last year in just 10 games before a thumb injury ended his season.

"The people in the Bears building are sometimes a little bit sensitive," Cutler said. "You always want to be pro-Bears and compliment your teammates and stuff but ... over a three-year career here (the offensive line is) definitely at the forefront of my mind ever year. Until we get those front five hammered down we're still kind of up in the air offensively even though we've got some really, really talented guys on the outside."

Waddle & Silvy talk with Bears QB Jay Cutler about his new ESPN 1000 show.

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