Cutler satisfied with Jaws' ranking

Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler called his standing among others at his position “fair,” on Wednesday when informed that ESPN NFL analyst Ron Jaworski listed him at No. 8 on his Quarterback Countdown series.

“I’ve always liked Jaws, actually. I think he’s very fair,” Cutler said on ESPN 1000’s “Waddle & Silvy Show”. “Yeah, I think it’s fair. I think we’ve got a lot of guys around me and I think that’s what makes a lot of quarterbacks: the guys around you. You can’t do it by yourself. The more talent you have around me, the better off you’re gonna be.”

Here’s a sampling of what Jaworski said in assessing Cutler’s ranking:

“Physically, Cutler is as talented as any quarterback in the NFL. He’s a power thrower with good accuracy. He has deceptive athleticism and movement. Not many bring the skill that Cutler has. …

"Cutler is a big-time arm talent. One part of his game that I really like is his ability to step up in the pocket and drive the ball at the intermediate and deeper levels. He's an aggressive and confident downfield thrower. There's no hesitation at all. He turns it loose. He intuitively understands the NFL passing game. He knows when you get man coverage it’s on the receivers to win. Cutler's going to throw the ball.

"Cutler has shown he can take over games. He did that against the Eagles on Monday Night last year. I remember it very well. When he went down after the Bears' 10th game, the offense crumbled. …

"A couple of things about Cutler that still need to be addressed. His ball location can be a little erratic at times, and his red-zone efficiency must improve. Last season was his best in four years. He did not throw a red zone interception, but in the three previous seasons Cutler threw 13. That is not acceptable.

"Overall, I'm absolutely wowed by Cutler's ability to throw the football, even going back to his college career at Vanderbilt. Sure, he's exhibited some inconsistency in his six years in the NFL. He must clean up some poor decision-making tendencies. Of course he has to do that. But, if he can he will move into my top five."