Kiper's Summer Audits: Chicago Bears

Brandon Marshall, left, should greatly benefit Jay Cutler and the Bears. AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh

Every summer, with the NFL draft and free agency in the rearview mirror, I take a look at each team. What did it accomplish in terms of added personnel? How did its draft fill holes? What voids remain? Let's jump around the league, addressing three things for each team:

Help added: What the team has done this offseason to improve its prospects. Given my greatest area of expertise, I put a particular emphasis on the draft.

Questions that remain: A look at what voids must be filled.

Next year's help now: With an eye toward next year's draft class, which player of 2013 could seemingly help the team in 2012? This is meant to be hypothetical, a quick look at prospects to keep an eye on.

Here is the version for the NFC North: