Briggs: Ref strike could increase aggression

He's all smiles at camp, but Lance Briggs is one of the Bears' most physical players. Bradley Leeb/US Presswire

BOURBONNAIS, Ill. -- Chicago Bears linebacker Lance Briggs said Wednesday he could see an upside to the NFL having to use replacement officials -- the game could be more physical.

Briggs thought if the NFL had to use college officials as replacements they may not be up to speed on the NFL rules and would tend to officiate by the college game’s rules.

“The rules are very different at the college level than they are in the NFL,” Briggs said on “The Carmen, Jurko & Harry Show" on ESPN 1000. “I got to thinking about it this way -- you can be a little more physical at the college level than you can be at the NFL level.

“Maybe we’ll get to be little more aggressive again. Football, we pay to see touchdowns. We pay to see violent guys playing football. Everything that is part of the game is what we want to see. It’s always what I’ve wanted to see. It’s what I fell in love with when I first began playing football. It’s hopefully what I’ll be able to see when I’m done playing the game.”

The NFL and its officials have been working to fix an ongoing labor dispute. Members of the NFL Referees Association have been locked out since June after talks between the two parties broke down.

“We’ve had some discussions,” Goodell said while visiting the Bears’ camp on Wednesday. “There may be more in the next couple days, hopefully there will be. We’d like to get it resolved. But we’re preparing, we have been for the last couple months to get replacement officials on the field. We’re confident they can do the job.”

Replacement officials worked the Bears’ practice on Wednesday.

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