Jay Cutler well-armed for success

CHICAGO -- The last time the Washington Redskins came to Soldier Field to face the Chicago Bears in 2010, Jay Cutler was accused of being selfish for appearing to be following his own agenda in throwing four interceptions to the same player.

It was still October in Mike Martz’ first season as Bears offensive coordinator, but Martz was already solidifying a reputation for being self-absorbed as well, as the Bears run-pass ratio in that loss to Washington was a whopping 16-to-40.

“I ain’t seen picks like that since Madden and you’re playing your little brother or something,” offered a helpful D.J. Moore that day.

There was some speculation Saturday night as the Redskins returned for a preseason contest, that the sight of Skins cornerback DeAngelo Hall might trigger in Cutler an irresistible urge to go right at him in some weird quest for revenge.

But that was a long time ago. This is a different Jay Cutler, with a different offensive coordinator and a different Bears team around him. And while it isn’t likely that he will see another 40-to-16 day under new offensive coordinator Mike Tice, Cutler and his new receivers showed the first glimpse of a passing offense that will be able to stand up to the better defensive backs while finally taking its place in a new NFL that isn’t all that new anymore.

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