Cutler likes run game, 'sleeper' Bush

Jay Cutler was sharp against the Redskins but faces a tough test against the Giants' pass rush on Friday. AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh

Quarterback Jay Cutler reviewed the Chicago Bears' 33-31 victory over the Washington Redskins and looked ahead to Friday's game against the New York Giants. Here are some highlights from Cutler's session with reporters at Halas Hall on Monday:

Impressions of RB Michael Bush: "I think he has a little quicker feet than anyone anticipated, making the guy miss in the hole. That kind of threw us for a loop just watching it. He's a hard worker, he's a professional. He can do it all; he can catch passes. He's a sleeper. You never really know and then he turns it on on game day and makes plays for you."

Offensive plan against Redskins: "The 3-4 (defense) is designed to stop the run. It's hard to run against the 3-4 with spacing and with the blitzes that they bring. We wanted to go into it throwing. That was the game plan: throw and see if we can get them out of it. We got a lot of big plays out of the running games which is unexpected. We thought we were going to get most of it through the passing game. Going into the game with the game plan we had I thought we ran the ball well."

Goals for Friday vs. Giants: "You want to convert on third downs, you want to keep scoring when we get in the red zone ... We want to eliminate turnovers, try to get big plays throughout the running game and the passing game. Just continue on the same path we're on and keep executing."

Will rookie receiver Alshon Jeffery take playing time from veterans?: "We've got a lot of weapons. We're going to rotate those guys in. Alshon is a guy that's coming on. He's playing well for us, but he's a different type of receiver than Devin (Hester) and Earl (Bennett) and Eric Weems and some of those other guys and Dane (Sanzenbacher). We're going to use him in spots where we think he's going to be successful and when he's not we're going to put Devin and some of those other guys in there and throw them the ball. There's plenty of routes and plenty of opportunity for everybody."

Feelings on possibility of NFL starting season with replacement referees: "I'd like to see the regular crews out there. I think everyone would. It's a high-paced game, and they've got to make split decisions. It's not an easy job by any means. I know a lot of us give them a hard time, including myself. The replacement officials have come in and they've been critiqued from game to game and they will probably continue to do so. Whether (a deal) gets done I don't know. We all hope it does. If it doesn't we're just going to have to work with the replacement officials and try to have some clean games."