Bears having fun with Northwestern-Vandy

LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- Aside from preparing to face the Indianapolis Colts, Saturday's Northwestern vs. Vanderbilt game is getting a considerable amount of traction inside the Chicago Bears' locker room as seven players on the roster have ties to the two schools.

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, a Vanderbilt alumnus, even donned a Commodores cap when he addressed the media prior to Wednesday's practice.

Also included in that group is nickelback D.J. Moore who spent three years with the Commodores from 2006-08 and was an All-American selection as a junior.

The always fun-loving and outspoken Moore predicted that Vanderbilt would win by "two or three touchdowns" but was somewhat at a loss when asked by a reporter which of the two prestigious universities produced the smarter players.

"I don't know," Moore. "I didn't go to school to learn too much to be honest with you. I should have studied a little more when I was in school ... I'm not the smartest guy, but probably have the most common sense.

"I'm not a dumb kid. I learn fast. I couldn't have done better than I did, but when I got to school and got good I was like ‘This is for the birds, it's time to leave.’ Now, I'm smarter than some of the kids that went to Florida State, those types of schools now. That's just off going to school, period. Some kids get in school with a point-nothing (grade point average), they didn't even go to high school."