Cutler dialed up audibles against Colts

Jay Cutler found a lot to be happy with after the Bears' 41-21 victory over the Colts. AP Photo/Jim Prisching

"The Jay Cutler Show" made its regular season debut Monday on ESPN 1000, and the Bears quarterback discussed a big win over the Indianapolis Colts, his new explosive offense, preparing for the Packers and more. Here are some highlights from the hour:

Cutler on the play of the offensive line vs. the Colts: "They did a great job. I think they're been talked about a lot and scrutinized and everyone didn't know exactly what we had up front. They performed well. Looking at the film today you want to go back and look at it and see how everyone performed and guys did really well, especially with the fronts we were given. They were going back and forth between 3-4 and 4-down and doing some walk-around stuff. (Center Roberto) Garza did a great job of pointing everybody out and getting everyone in the right assignments so I couldn't be more happy with them."

Cutler on working with new offensive coordinator Mike Tice: "I think Mike does an unbelievable job of being organized from week to week. He really gets input from everybody, and he's got it mapped out. It's like "The Matrix" if you see his play-call sheet. I don't know how he reads it, but there is so much information on it, it's amazing. He must study it night after night after night. He has to. He gets it done and (quarterbacks coach Jeremy Bates) does a great job of communicating with him in the game with what I'm liking, what I'm disliking as well as the receivers and the tight ends and the running backs. (Tice) is able to get information from a lot of different sources, sort it out in his head and get us the right call."

Cutler on how many times he audibled against the Colts: "A lot. We got out of a lot of stuff. Little things as far as changing routes, protections, changing a run from side to side. We did stuff a lot, 50-60 percent of the time.

"That's what it's all about. It's hard for an offensive coordinator to dial up each and every play, and it's going to be a perfect defense. It's hard to do. It's almost impossible to do. Every once in awhile he's going to dial one up. He dialed up the touchdown pass to Alshon (Jeffery). That was straight up his call. Great call, perfect call. We got the perfect coverage, and it worked. Most of the time there has to be some little adjustments by players, and that's what we get paid to do."

How much input did he have in the game plan compared to other years?: "A lot. As long as I'm comfortable with it, Mike goes ahead and goes with it. If I'm uncomfortable, if I'm a little hesitant, if it doesn't look that good in practice, it's not clean, and we're not really getting it, it's out. He throws it out because we have so many different concepts and stuff we can go to that we are really successful at."

How often do you look at Brandon Marshall and say you're going to get the ball to him regardless of whether he is open: "A lot, probably too much. We were trying to get rolling those first couple three throws to him. The ball is just going his way. If it's one-on-one I'm going his way. I trust him. I know he's going to protect me even if it's a bad ball, he's going to make the most of it. Probably of his nine catches, four of them were just thrown in his vicinity and he comes up with it. He's a special player."

Best throw of the day: "The one to Alshon was the best throw. Not the (42-yard) touchdown. The dig. It was kind of in the middle of the field. It was the first half."

Cutler on playing the Packers in a short week: "Anytime you only have two or three days to prepare for a game it's going to be hard especially when you have to go on the road and do it. It's not an easy task. We've got to drive up there, get in the hotel, you've got to get your game plan down in two days. That will be tough and then to go against a talented team like Green Bay is not an easy task."

Does he like the Bears-Packers rivalry?: "It's fun, and to go on a Thursday night that makes it a little bit more excitement. I think everyone is going to be amped up for this game. Coming off a win like that (there's) a lot of confidence on our side. The Packers want to get their season back turned around so they're going to be ready to go. It's going to be a good game."