Cutler on dropped TD, Rams and fatherhood

Here are a few other highlights of Week 2 of "The Jay Cutler Show" from Westwood Tavern in Schaumburg:

On talking with Lovie Smith: "He listens more than he speaks. Lovie has always got an open door for his players, and he takes it to heart. If you have an idea or you're passionate about something and you want something changed and you've got good reason for it, he's going to listen and he's going to make changes."

On performance of offensive coordinator Mike Tice: "Mike's doing a great job. He's got a lot on his plate, and I think he's learning quickly what the media scrutiny is in this town. The people are passionate. Fans I think understand its' a 16-game season."

How long does he need to look at the film after a bad game like Thursday?: "I'm re-living it in my head during the press conference and while I'm getting dressed. I'm going through the play by play, clicking them off. We have iPads now so they get uploaded pretty quick. I watch it pretty much either the next morning or that night and just go through it. I look at the bad plays more than the good plays and see what we need to correct."

What was the one throw you wish you had back?: "It's the one to B-Marsh in the corner. I wish I had that back. The picks, you can have those. The one that I would take back is the one to Brandon that went off his hands. He had man coverage, and I put it up probably just a half a count quicker than I wanted to. I felt a little bit of pressure and put it up. B-Marsh is going to tell you it's a catchable ball but I could have made it 10 times easier for him just putting it a little bit to the left and holding him up a little bit because he crushed the guy on his route. I just could have made it easier for him and that would have changed the complexity of the game."

How does game plan change if Michael Bush starts for Matt Forte?: "Bushy, he's got a few more moves than he gets credit for. And he's got a little bit more burst than he gets credit for. We don't change the game plan. We let him run and keep doing what we're doing and we just keep handing the ball to a different number now."

Outlook against Rams on Sunday: "None of the games are easy. You never show up on Sunday and say this is going to be a cake walk. It's never like that. I don't care who you're playing. You just never know. You don't know what's going to happen. You don't know what their scheme is, you don't know how you're going to adjust."

Does being a new father affect your play on the field?: "I didn't have the baby, (fiancee) Kristin (Cavallari) did. And Kristin also, she knows that this is football season and I've got a job to do so she takes one for the team every night and she's the one getting up and doing the hard work. If you see her give her a little bit of support."