Bush gets job done filling in for Forte

CHICAGO -- Chicago Bears running back Michael Bush doesn’t care if he’s ever described as a flashy runner, but he does take pride in being an effective one.

Bush displayed a bit of good (three runs, one reception of 10-plus yards and a touchdown) and a bit of bad (11 carries of two yards or less) while filling in for injured Matt Forte on Sunday. Overall, though, all Bush cared about was doing enough to help the Bears win 23-6 over the St. Louis Rams.

“I think it was kind of ugly, but I got it done,” Bush said.

Early on, it appeared as if the Bears running game wouldn’t lose a beat without Forte. Bush’s first five plays, four runs and one reception, equated to 48 total yards. He later added a 12-yard run and the offense’s lone touchdown on a 4-yard run.

“You can’t say enough about a guy like Michael Bush,” Bears quarterback Jay Cutler said. “He really didn’t miss a beat. He’s protection savvy. He runs the ball hard and hits the holes. He does everything for us.”

In the first half, Bush rushed for 49 yards and one touchdown on 14 carries and caught two receptions for 18 yards.

“We moved the ball good in the first half as far as runs,” Bush said. “Other than that, I think it was a solid job. Anytime you can move the ball in the league, that’s good. That’s a good start in the right direction.”

Bears coach Lovie Smith looked favorably on Bush’s early play.

“Thought Michael Bush stepped up and gave us some good runs, getting the running game going,” Smith said.

The second half was a different story for Bush and the Bears’ ground game. Bush picked up six yards on four carries and caught no passes. The team rushed for 39 yards, 21 of which came on a Cutler scramble.

“I guess they figured out the scheme and it was kind of stopping at the end,” Bush said.

Outside of the victory, Bush was indifferent about everything else, including his own play, being the go-to back for the day and even the game’s score.

“To me, it’s the same,” Bush said of being the starter. “I made sure I prepared to be ready when it was my turn. … That’s just me. I’m just dry. I know it’s something I got to do. I know everybody is depending on me, so I just try to stay consistent, no turnovers and do the best I can.

“You always want to put up more points up. Whether we won 6-7, 2-0, I can care less as long as won.”