Cutler: Less was more with Marshall

The Bears' Brandon Marshall posted his second 100-yard receiving game in four weeks on Monday night. AP Photo/LM Otero

Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall have always communicated well with each other dating back to their days in Denver. But in the first two games of the season, Cutler said he heard from his favorite receiver a little bit too much on the sideline between series.

And Monday's game against the Dallas Cowboys started the same way.

"He started coming over in Dallas early in the game, and I was like 'Get out of here. Go do your thing, the ball is going to come your way just let us be. We're talking this over, we'll figure it out,' " Cutler said Tuesday on "The Jay Cutler Show" on ESPN 1000. "And he did. Third, fourth quarter we started getting some rhythm, getting him the ball. It was fun to watch."

Marshall caught seven passes for 138 yards and a touchdown in the Bears' 34-18 victory over the Cowboys on Monday night. After starting off his Bears career with a big day against the Indianapolis Colts on Sept. 9, catching nine passes for 119 yards and a touchdown, Marshall had just seven catches for 95 yards and no touchdowns over the next two games.

But Marshall made the most of his eight targets against the Cowboys, capping off the night with a 31-yard touchdown catch in the fourth quarter for a 34-10 lead.

"He played within the system," Cutler said. "We've got a lot of plays designed for Brandon. Whenever we do get a lead teams are going to play single high, try to come get us and stop the run, so it's going to open him up. Whenever he plays within the system and lets it come to him instead of trying to force it ... I felt the first three games he wanted to make big plays so badly that he was getting a little bit out of rhythm, doing things that he shouldn't do. I felt this game he did exactly what we asked him to do and whenever the ball came to him he made plays for us."

Cutler said Monday's game -- in which he posted a 140.1 passer rating -- felt a lot like his Denver days with Marshall, who posted two 100-catch, 1,000-yard seasons with Cutler as his quarterback.

"Watching (the game) on the way back I got to sit next to him on the plane also," Cutler said. "I'm never away from him. I'm watching and he's leaning over my shoulder, 'Yeah, that looks good.' I'm like 'Yeah, I got it.' So it's fun to have him back. We've just got to build on that. It's about consistency in the NFL and putting it together week after week."