Feisty Jay is right Jay for Bears

Apparently it's been so long now people have forgotten that December Monday night in 1985 at the Orange Bowl in Miami when the Chicago Bears lost the only game of their greatest season.

OK, it's not the loss that's important to this discussion but the drama, specifically the halftime dustup featuring Mike Ditka and Buddy Ryan. To recap: Ryan was trying to cover the Miami Dolphins' explosive receiver, Nat Moore, with linebacker Wilber Marshall. It wasn't working, but that didn't dissuade Ryan one bit. So an enraged Ditka told his defensive coordinator, "We can do it any way you want to. We can go right out back and get it on or you can shape your (butt) up."

Which brings me to Jay Cutler and Mike Tice and their little episode on Monday night in Dallas. In the age of relentless Facebook posts and anybody with a pair of thumbs tweeting after every down, an annoyed quarterback walking away from his coach in a heated moment during a football game equals an enormously big deal, to be chewed on all week.

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