Bears to utilize more no-huddle offense

LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- The Chicago Bears flashed perhaps a glimpse of the future in rolling up 501 yards against the Jacksonville Jaguars with a no-huddle offense the team hopes to utilize more, according to offensive coordinator Mike Tice.

Tice said the club worked the no-huddle -- called "redball" by Tice dating back to when he worked on Jacksonville's staff -- against the Jags "the most extensive no-huddle (all season)."

"We did have some no-huddle the other day where we gave (quarterback) Jay (Cutler) some really, really good chances to do either-or (types of plays), and I thought he did a great job with the no-huddle," Tice said. "We had gone to it early in the season, but it was the most extensive that we had. It was another drive that stalled when he had something going, but we're going to do more of that. We like (Cutler) managing the no-huddle, and that gives him -- that and the two-minute (offense) -- gives the quarterback a little bit of free reign out there."

Cutler dismissed the notion of potentially calling his own plays, saying "next question" when asked about the possibility. But the quarterback stressed the importance of Tice and quarterbacks coach Jeremy Bates getting the play into him as quickly as possible. The no-huddle offense obviously enhances that ability.

"You always want it in as early as you can," Cutler said. "I think Mike's done a great job of doing that, of being on top of it. It's not an easy job, but he's doing the best he can. I think he's gotten better and better. You couldn't ask for more."

Tice explained that typically in a game he relays the play call to Bates, who gives it to Cutler as quickly as possible "so he can operate the line of scrimmage as best he can."

"If we don't have enough time to operate the line of scrimmage, it does hurt us in some instances," Tice said. "Jeremy and I continue to work our rhythm, and we just keep getting better every week."

That certainly appears to have been the case over the past three games, but Cutler isn't fully satisfied with the offense's current standing and hopes the team uses the week off to work toward improving.

"We're getting there," he said. "We're not where we want to be. It's a long season. We've got to take this bye week, take a look at what we're doing and just get better. Offensively, we just need to take a look at things and figure out what we're doing well and what we're not doing, correct it and get back (to work)."