Prime time to prove themselves

CHICAGO -- As 4-1 starts go, the Chicago Bears' pre-bye success has been mostly unmemorable. Fun, yes, dominating at times, like the second half in Jacksonville, absolutely.

But the most noteworthy game has been the worse-than-the-final-score drubbing in the road-to-the-Super Bowl-is-farther-than-it-appears loss to Green Bay at Lambeau Field.

That’s not to devalue the early dominance of the defense or the impressive start by Brandon Marshall and by proxy, general manager Phil Emery, who did what his predecessor could not, get Jay Cutler some help at receiver.

I’m not glossing over victories versus Indianapolis, St. Louis, Jacksonville and Dallas either. All were important to the process. But the first five games were just the prologue. Now we’re getting to the real story. This is how it should be.

With the Detroit Lions coming in for a nationally televised game, you have my permission to froth.

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