Cutler compliments Bears fans for etiquette

Jay Cutler complimented Chicago Bears fans Tuesday for their conduct Monday night when the team needed silence during its 13-7 win over the Detroit Lions.

“We were backed up a little bit,” Cutler said on ESPN 1000’s “The Jay Cutler Show”. “But I’ll tell you what, it quieted down in a hurry; (I) heard a lot of ‘Shhh.’ I heard it. I was proud of them. Nice work guys, keep it up.”

In the aftermath of Chicago’s season-opening victory over the Indianapolis Colts in September, Cutler delivered what he called a public service announcement asking fans to “please, please, please, let’s tone it down a little bit when we’re down on the 20. You’re more than welcome to yell and scream and do whatever you want after we score. But please let’s go ahead and quiet the stadium down and save it until after we score.”

Cutler’s complimentary comments Tuesday didn’t come about because of the crowd’s conduct in the red zone, but rather as a result of how it quieted down at the start of the fourth quarter Monday night with the team bogged down at its own 5.

Initially, the crowd was loud, but silenced almost immediately once signaled to do so.

Cutler then hit Devin Hester for a 23-yard pass.

“Once they figured it out, everyone started quieting down,” Cutler said. “It could’ve happened a little bit quicker. We can get better. But we’re headed on the right track for sure.”