Safe to say Bears should sit Cutler

CHICAGO -- It’s difficult to argue that Jay Cutler should play Monday night in San Francisco.

We know too much about the brain and concussions. We know too little.

I don’t want to browbeat Chicago Bears fans into feeling guilty about liking football and wanting their star quarterback on the field in a fairly important game -- or worse, to get on some kind of moral high horse about the dangers of the game.

I don’t profess to be an expert on brain injuries and concussions. I could quote the usual experts, cut and paste information about brain injuries, but let’s be honest: You’re not going to find any doctors, or ex-players, who will suggest it’s a good idea for Cutler and the Bears to roll the metaphorical dice and line up against a “head-hunting defense” (backup quarterback Jason Campbell’s words) one week after suffering a concussion.

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