Wilbon: Playoff miss could spark change

Bottom line is that if the Bears miss the playoffs, even if they beat the sorry Cardinals and Lions to go 10-6 ... if they miss the playoffs it will be five times in six years that the Bears would have failed to make the postseason. And if that winds up being the case, it'll be time to go back to the drawing board in Chicago.

Yes, I'm talking about a new head coach and new staff and entirely new philosophy about trying to win in the NFL. It means we probably just watched the last Chicago appearance in a Bears uniform of Devin Hester, who's only the greatest return man in the history of the NFL and a man who should be enshrined in the Hall of Fame. Problem is, he isn't anywhere close to that return man anymore and he isn't an asset as a receiver, as we saw just before halftime when yet another Hester route-running mistake, not a Jay Cutler throwing mistake, led to that game-changing interception.

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