Gannon: Trestman, Cutler would be good fit

Rich Gannon says Marc Trestman could get Jay Cutler "feeling good again back in the pocket." Christinne Muschi/Reuters

Rich Gannon said Marc Trestman, who Jimmy Johnson believes is the Chicago Bears' pick as head coach, would "embrace" the opportunity to work with quarterback Jay Cutler.

"This whole perception about Jay Cutler ... look, Jay Cutler at the end of the day wants to win," Gannon, the former Oakland Raiders quarterback and current TV analyst said Friday on "Waddle & Silvy" on ESPN 1000. "You've just got to find a way to get into his psyche and be able to figure him out, form a bond and a relationship and form a trust. When you are constantly changing things around the quarterback, it's hard to develop that continuity and trust factor.

"When you got a coordinator who is getting you hit every play and another guy that maybe hasn't done it a lot and now all of a sudden you're firing a coach, it's very unsettling to a quarterback. He needs somebody that is going to put his arm around him, embrace him, but at the same time somebody who is going to lean on him a little bit. Jay Cutler, in my opinion, needs to be leaned on. They need to take out that file and smooth the rough edges. Someone has to get the point across to Jay that this is it. If your career is going to go anywhere, it's going to happen here in Chicago, and if not, then good luck."

Johnson tweeted Friday morning: "Looks like 2 of my guys getting NFL jobs..Chud Cleveland and my QB coach a U Trestman to Chicago."

Gannon, who played for Trestman when Trestman was offensive coordinator with the Raiders in 2002 and 2003, hopes his former coach will finally get a chance to be an NFL head coach. And if it's in Chicago, Gannon said Cutler will benefit.

"He's very innovative. He's a terrific playcaller," Gannon said. "He sees the game through the eyes of the quarterback. He played the position, he's coached the position. He's really an expert in that area. I think when you study Jay Cutler, here's a guy that under Mike Martz was sacked more than any quarterback in the league; he got knocked around, and I don't think he quite trusted the guys in front of him. That's all got to get cleaned up, and you've got to bring in somebody who can work with the protections and clean up that part of it. Clean up his footwork, clean up the mechanics, and get him feeling good again back in the pocket. I think that's what Marc does best."

After working as an offensive coordinator with five NFL teams, Trestman has spent the past five seasons as head coach of the CFL's Montreal Alouettes, coaching the club to three Grey Cup appearances, including two consecutive championships in 2009 and 2010, in addition to being named CFL Coach of the Year (2009).

Gannon said Trestman isn't coaching in Canada because he couldn't find an NFL job the past five seasons.

"He really was so fed up with the process. He wanted to be a head coach," Gannon said. "He had an opportunity to go to Canada. If you really follow this guy's career, with four different teams in his first year as a coordinator they've all gone to the postseason. He's had a lot of success working with quarterbacks. You go back to Bernie Kosar, Steve Young. Even the successful season that Scott Mitchell had in Detroit, Marc Trestman was the offensive coordinator. If you look at the success that Jake Plummer had in Arizona for a couple years, Marc Trestman was his coordinator. He's a very good playcaller. He's great with the development of quarterbacks."