Cutler: Leader needs support group

Jay Cutler responded to former special teams coordinator Dave Toub's assertion that the Chicago Bears quarterback needs to work on his leadership.

"I think a quarterback is always working on leadership and the direction the team wants to go. You've got to have a support group to be a leader though," Cutler said Thursday on "The Waddle & Silvy Show" on ESPN Chicago 1000.

Toub, who left the Bears to run the Kansas City Chiefs special teams, was one of 13 known candidates to interview for the Bears head coaching job.

Asked Wednesday about Cutler, Toub told "Waddle & Silvy": "I think Cutler is a great asset. He's an extraordinary talent. He just ... there are certain aspects he just needs to get better at, and it's his leadership skills. And I think that's something he'll work on down the road and hopefully he gets better at that."