Who is the real Jay Cutler?

CHICAGO -- It was just a singular bad throw. It was just a preseason interception.

But it was a Jay Cutler interception, a repudiation of another defensive gift laid at his cleats, a pick that causes Twitter riots and eye rolls and lost jobs. A Jay Cutler interception contains multitudes.

Forgive me. It was just the second preseason game against the lousy Chargers. But in a town lousy with last-place baseball teams, it was the biggest sporting event in the city since Game 5 of the Stanley Cup finals back in June. Cutler's first home interception of the year deserves a two-hour radio show.

As the offense continued a multi-year journey for an identity, the Bears' first-team defense wreaked havoc against San Diego, the special teams looked solid, and the Bears held on to win, 33-28.

New Bears meet the old Bears.

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