Coaches encouraged by dogged approach

LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- Two consecutive Chicago Bears losses left the team unflustered in their preparation to face the winless New York Giants on Thursday night at Soldier Field.

In the aftermath of a 26-18 loss to the New Orleans Saints, the club took it upon itself to review tape from the game and put together a critical self-analysis. That approach leaves Bears coach Marc Trestman and offensive coordinator Aaron Kromer optimistic about the team’s prospects, especially on offense.

“It was a short week. We weren’t able to show the entire tape like we normally do. They watched it all on their own, gave us the reports of: ‘This is what should’ve happened. This is what we should’ve done. We see this here. This is what we did well,’” offensive coordinator Aaron Kromer said. “So, obviously, when you have a team that driven to get something solved or to continue to have success, there should be success in the future.”

According to Trestman, the team’s approach in the midst of its three-game winning streak has remained the same on the heels of back-to-back losses.

“Our response the last five weeks has been exactly the same by our team, in every way. If it wasn’t, I would tell you,” Trestman said. “From the way they came back in, the way they handled themselves in the locker room after the game. The disappointment, yet the camaraderie and the way they came together early Monday to get ready for this game and move forward. They’re doing all the right things. They’re working at it. It doesn’t guarantee us a win [Thursday] night. But it gives us a chance, when your mind’s in the right place, your energy’s in the right place, and you’re willing to be a good teammate.”