NFLN survey/popular coach: Bears

Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll destroyed the competition in our NFL Nation survey of 320 players around the league, which posed the question of which head coach they’d most like to play for.

Of the 320 respondents, 71 chose Carroll, followed by Pittsburgh’s Mike Tomlin (44 votes), Denver’s John Fox (26), and New York’s Rex Ryan and New England’s Bill Belichick, who tied for fourth with 23 votes apiece. Interestingly, not one Chicago Bear surveyed voted for Carroll, but one voted for Tomlin, one picked Fox and two picked Indianapolis’ Chuck Pagano, who received just seven votes nationally.

Two of Chicago players surveyed chose Bears coach Marc Trestman. Those votes represented the only votes received nationally by the Bears coach.

“He did a great job bringing this team together,” Bears center Roberto Garza said of Trestman. “There were a lot of changes and bringing the locker room together, believing in each other and playing for each other, I think it was a great message and a great way to build this team.”

Bears general manager Phil Emery was also pleased with the progress the team made under Trestman in his first season as the club's head coach.

“Very happy with the transition with Marc and his staff,” Emery said. “I made out a number of parameters out of what I was expecting from a head football coach, and Marc has met all of those parameters. He’s an excellent teacher. He has excellence in his feel as a head football coach, as an offensive coordinator and someone directing the quarterbacks. He’s been involved in all aspects of the team. He’s an excellent administrator. He’s extremely detailed and organized. He’s very transparent when he talks to the media. He stands up and represents our team well. Like myself, you may not always agree with what I have to say or what Marc has to say, but we’re willing to say it.”

Bears safety Craig Steltz called the team's transition under Trestman “great,” adding that “we couldn’t ask for anything better.”