Unraveling mystery of Rosario's release

LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- Chicago Bears general manager Phil Emery shed some light Wednesday on the mysterious release of tight end Dante Rosario, who was let go just 11 days after signing with the club.

At least Emery tried to, anyway.

“We released him, like we do with players,” Emery said. “There’s a good chance he’ll come back like we do with players. There isn’t anything other than that, just a process we’re going through. It’s a very fluid period. We like Dante. It isn’t anything he did.”

So why did the Bears release him? Emery still wouldn’t say, preferring to say “those reasons will remain internal.” But as Emery mentioned, the chaos of free agency makes for fluid situations that sometimes require quick decisions that outside observers might not necessarily understand. So Emery and the Bears probably deserve the benefit of the doubt in this case.

Rosario, 29, played in 15 games for the Bears last season, starting in three while participating in 186 snaps. As it stands right now, the Bears have only one other experienced tight end on the roster (Zach Miller) outside of starter Martellus Bennett. So as Emery said, there’s a good chance he could be back in a Bears uniform for 2014.

Just don’t ask Emery why.

“If we bring him back, those reasons will remain internal,” he said.