Jay Cutler has 'greater perspective'

LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler appears to have gained some perspective through the ups and downs of his eight-year career.

Cutler admitted on Thursday that when he first came into the NFL with the Denver Broncos, perhaps he didn’t realize how good he truly had it.

“When I came into Denver, it was a good situation,” Cutler said. “But you don’t understand that at that point. You don’t understand the offense we had, the coaching staff, the city and everything else that comes with it because you don’t have perspective.”

Perhaps it was beaten into Cutler in the four seasons after his 2009 departure from Denver. Cutler suffered 148 sacks in his first four seasons with the Bears, including more than half of those (87) over 2009 and 2010 alone. Cutler played for three offensive coordinators in his first four years with the Bears, before finally gaining some stability in the scheme and instruction when the club hired coach Marc Trestman prior to 2013.

Cutler absorbed the third-fewest sacks (19) of his career last season, and is poised to operate the same system in consecutive years for just the second time in his Chicago tenure.

Still, Cutler hasn’t played an entire 16-game regular season since his first year in Chicago.

“Now, looking back on the journey and the ups and downs, you definitely have a greater perspective, and [you’re] able to appreciate not just the situation, but how detailed the coaches are, how great of guys we have in the locker room,” Cutler said.