Panic? No, just reality check for Bears

SAN FRANCISCO -- One of the surest bets in the NFL is the Chicago Bears getting clowned in Candlestick Park. They don't just fly out and lose; the Bears, from all indications, head west completely unprepared and cowering, as if somewhere in the back of their minds they know they're going to be punked by the 49ers. And they're right.

This Monday night was no different from all the others, eight games and counting to be exact, dating back to 1985. Once again, the Bears didn't show, didn't post. They left the visitors locker room for the opening kickoff and went immediately into the fetal position.

It was 20-0 at halftime, by which point the 49ers had essentially beaten the Bears into submission. And while Mike Tice's offense was, well, offensive, uninspired and frighteningly amateurish, the defense to great surprise was just as bad in a 32-7 loss that was much more lopsided than the score might indicate.

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