League announces process for landing draft tickets

The NFL announced on Monday that fans interested in attending the 2015 NFL draft in Chicago from April 30-May 2 can register here starting on Tuesday for a chance to win two free tickets.

Fans can register from noon ET on Tuesday until Sunday, April 5 at noon ET. Winners will be randomly selected.

According to the league, a limited number of tickets are available for Auditorium Theatre and Selection Square areas for the first round of the draft and Rounds 2 and 3. There will also be a limited number of tickets available for the final day of the draft as the Selection Square and Auditorium Theatre will be open to the public for tours and photo opportunities. Seating is free in the Auditorium Theatre and Selection Square areas, but limited.

Here are a couple of important dates announced by the league for fan ticket distribution:

April 6: Ticket winners will receive an email on or around April 6 containing the date, venue and instructions for confirming attendance. The league said email notifications will be distributed to fans who didn’t win at a later date.

April 8: The deadline for fans winning tickets to confirm attendance. After submitting acceptance information, winners will automatically receive final email confirmation, which will include check-in details for the specified draft day.

April 30-May 2: Fans winning tickets need to present a government issued photo identification and their unique Fan Mobile Pass QR code at Draft Town to check in and receive wristbands. Their guests need to present government issued photo identification (if over 18 years old) on the selected day during designated hours. Wristbands are required to secure tickets for entry into the draft. Fans winning tickets will receive instructions detailing the time and location to exchange wristbands for tickets and access to the venue.