Jay Cutler: Bears' talent increase is obvious

New Chicago Bears general manager Phil Emery delivered quarterback Jay Cutler an offseason bouquet of sorts, acquiring his favorite wide receiver in Brandon Marshall and drafting a look-alike in Alshon Jeffery. Cutler returned the favor in part during a meeting with reporters Monday, suggesting the team's talent has been notably elevated in Emery's six-month tenure.

"I think Phil Emery and the scouting department, you can definitely tell the difference in talent in the three years I was here to here," Cutler said in the video. "Even the guys that didn't get drafted can play football."

Cutler isn't the type to send calculated love letters through the media, so we're left to assume that his response reflects a genuine assessment of the Bears' talent. I can't profess to have a deep knowledge of the Bears' undrafted rookie class, but I do know that offensive lineman James Brown made a good early impression. Cutler also appears comfortable throwing not only to Jeffery but also tight end Evan Rodriguez, an intriguing fourth-round pick.