Urlacher, Briggs stay old school

LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- They're not interested in helmet manufacturers which advertise safer headgear.

Just give Chicago Bears linebackers Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs the old-school Riddell equipment distributed by most of the league's 32 teams.

"I don't understand why there are so many concussions with all the technology now on these new helmets, right?" Urlacher asked. "They're supposed to help us not get concussions, and now we're getting more. I think I saw a stat there's 35 concussions so far this year, and last year there were 20-something at this time. I don't think the new helmets are helping very much."

The truth is neither Urlacher nor Briggs have ever tried any of the newer equipment. They're the only two players on the Bears who use the old-school Riddell helmets.

"I've been using the same style of helmet for a long time," Briggs said. "A lot of people bought into the system of all these new helmets everybody is wearing. You're seeing a lot of college and high school kids wearing them, but I'm not seeing any [fewer] concussions."

With helmet-to-helmet hits and concussions taking the forefront in most recent headlines, it's unclear whether players actually know all of the helmet options available to them.

Urlacher and Briggs know of the new options, but find a certain comfort level in playing with the same model of equipment they received as rookies.

"I like my helmet, it fits me," Urlacher said. "It's kind of loose on my head. I don't like a snug-fit helmet. So I don't know. I've used it since my rookie year, and it fits my head. So I like it. I think I've gotten concussed one time. So it works for me."