Frazier: Not much to glean from Bears

LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- Minnesota Vikings coach Leslie Frazier admitted there’s still not much to glean from studying tape of Chicago’s offense during its Week 1 win over the Cincinnati Bengals, or the four games the Bears played in the preseason.

Frazier expects Chicago’s offense to evolve as the season progresses.

“There’s so much more, I’m sure, in Week 7 or 8 you’ll glean from their offense than what they showed in the first ballgame,” Frazier said. “So you get an idea of their personnel and a little bit of what they’re thinking. But I don’t know if you can hang your hat on everything you saw. I’m sure there are going to be some tweaks based on our defense versus Cincinnati’s. So that preseason snapshot, along with that one game, I don’t know if you can just say that’s their offense.”

It certainly doesn’t appear to be. With first-year NFL head coach Marc Trestman at the controls, the Bears executed their new offense conservatively in the first half against the Bengals. Once Trestman gained confidence in the offensive line’s ability to protect quarterback Jay Cutler, the coach opened up the offense in the second half, which allowed the Bears to put two touchdowns on the board.

Even Cutler admitted feeling trepidation about the offense going into last week’s game because there were “a lot of question marks,” with him even asking himself: “Are the plays going to work?” The scheme proved sufficiently effective against a strong Cincinnati defense, but the Bears haven’t yet shown the full scope of the system.

The little that Frazier could glean from watching film of the Week 1 game was improved protection of Cutler.

“It seems like their offensive line is much improved. They played together very well,” Frazier said. “Jay played with a lot of confidence in the pocket; nice throws, and they worked a lot from the pocket early in that ballgame. Probably the offensive line play is what stood out to me."