Bears' offense feels better prepared

The Bears seem to feel they're much better prepared than they were last season under Ron Turner. AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast

LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- They didn’t necessarily rip former offensive coordinator Ron Turner, but some of the Bears obviously weren’t always in agreement in 2009 with the direction the offense was taking.

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler said assignments are more clearly defined in the club’s new offense, led by Mike Martz.

“Things are a little clearer offensively for us, assignment wise, what we need to get done,” Cutler said. “Sometimes things were a little gray last year when we had to make some stuff up on the run. Here it’s very much in granite. Here’s what you have to do. You have to be here at this time. You got to do this or do that. If you do that the play will be successful.”

Cutler indicated that with more clear-cut direction in the new offense, he’ll be less likely to throw interceptions, which was a problem last season when the quarterback led the league with 26.

Asked whether the new offense will lead to fewer picks, Cutler didn’t hesitate.

“Absolutely,” he said. “Whenever everybody knows exactly what they’re supposed to do on every given play, no matter what the defense does, the front is, or the coverage is … Mike [Martz] does a great job of preparing everybody for whatever look [we’ll see], and giving answers. [If] he doesn’t have an answer for that play, he’s not going to call [it].”

Receiver Devin Aromashodu, who caught 14 passes for three touchdowns over the final three games, said he was too busy trying to execute his assignments to notice problems last season in Turner’s offense.

“There may have been some [ambiguity in Turner’s system]; I couldn’t tell you for sure,” Aromashodu said. “I just went out there, the coaches called the plays, and I did what they said to do.”

For Aromashodu, Martz’s offense is actually more difficult than Turner’s due to all the responsibilities that fall on the receivers.

“You have to know a lot more,” Aromashodu said. “There’s a lot more responsibility for the receivers. It’s all on us. It’s definitely a more fun receiver-friendly offense. I’m enjoying it.”