Cutler shoves microphone, addresses pick

MINNEAPOLIS -- After Jay Cutler angrily shoved an NFL Network microphone away from his body, the Bears quarterback conducted a brief postgame press conference in a small room adjacent to the visitor's locker room in the Metrodome.

"It's a tough one," Cutler said of the team's 36-10 loss to the Minnesota Vikings. "We didn't expect this, [we] thought we had a good week. We didn't play up to our standards."

In fact, the Bears did play up to the careless standards they've set this season -- turning the ball over three times in the first half. Cutler tossed a pair interceptions, which gives him an NFL-high 20 on the season, and slightly underthrew a pass to an open Johnny Knox in the corner of the endzone.

"It was an interception, yep," Cutler said about the intended pass to Knox.

Was it underthrown?

"I got to go back and look at it, probably," Cutler responded.

Although the Bears defense was unable to slow down Brett Favre, the offense only managed to be on the field for 19:05 -- compared to Minnesota's 40:55 time of possession. Think that's a disgusting stat? Try this: the Bears only ran 38 plays to the Vikings 83.

There's not a team in the NFL that could overcome such shocking disparities.